The annual Blessing of the Brooms brings to light the pressing need of increasing janitors' salaries to a living wage.  

Why we advocate

Advocacy for the poor and vulnerable cannot be optional; instead, it is integral to our Catholic faith, practice, and identity. The founders of Catholic Charities USA in 1910 pledged to be “the attorney for the poor,” working with and for people in poverty to form a more just and compassionate society.  We continue that tradition by advocating for laws and policies that help people rebuild their lives and enter fully into the life of the community. 

More than 1,700 local Catholic Charities agencies and institutions nationwide provide help and create hope for millions of people a year through vital services in their communities, ranging from day care and counseling to food and housing.  Rooted in Scripture, our faith, and in our daily work, Catholic Charities agencies continue to bring the stories and challenges of the poor and vulnerable to our governmental leaders. 

When we do good and seek justice, we fulfill our responsibility to those who suffer. We also benefit our entire community, because, as Church teaching continually makes clear, the sufferings of the poor endanger the goodness of society for all.

How you can help work for social justice

Contact your elected officials - Visit the website “Who Represents Me?” for a complete list of your representatives

Stay informed - Read Washington Weekly, a publication of Catholic Charities USA. Visit the website of the Texas Catholic Conference (TCC), the public policy arm of the Bishops of Texas.

Get involved - Want to get involved or find out more about advocacy and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston? Contact Advocacy and Community Relations at 713.874.6672 or

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