Mamie George Community Center–Helping our neighbors in Fort Bend County

Catholic Charities' Mamie George Community Center serves as a hub for Catholic Charities services in Fort Bend County. The center addresses many of the community's needs, with an emphasis on low-income residents and seniors.

The center is made possible through the generous support of the community, volunteers and collaborative partners.

To read more about all the programs and services we offer at the Mamie George Community Center, click here to read or download our services brochure.

The Center features:

Basic Needs Services & Trini’s Corner Market

Basic Needs Services – Supporting you in time of need

Providing basic needs for individuals working toward self-sufficiency.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Trini’s Corner Market – Helping you live better

An innovative, self-select food pantry for low-income families.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Senior and Wellness Services & Patty’s Cafe

Senior Services – Empowering seniors to live life to the fullest

Promoting independence by providing comprehensive assessments and access to resources.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Senior Wellness Center – Always here for you

Promoting health and well-being through a fitness area, exercise classes health checks, therapeutic art classes and recreation.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Patty’s Café

Offering healthy meals to low-income seniors and an indoor/outdoor dining for the entire community.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Gracious Gifts

Gift shop provides economical, dignified gift-giving opportunities for seniors.  Orange_arrow_link_button


Children & Family Services - Answering the call

The Raye G. White Children & Family Services at the Mamie George Community Center provides pregnancy services, immigration legal services to help children and adult victims of violence, and foster care and adoption.

Pregnancy Services - Helping provide the best care for babies and their families

Assisting young parents and their families during pregnancy through the baby’s first year of life.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Immigration Legal Services – Giving a voice to the voiceless

Help with immigration legal services.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Foster Care – Ensuring a loving and caring home for children and youth

Helping children in crisis situations have a loving, stable home. Orange_arrow_link_button

Adoption – Offering a loving option

Help with adopting a child or placing my child for adoption.  Orange_arrow_link_button


For more information

To learn how you or your business/organization can support programs at the Mamie George Community Center, the Rio Bend Foster Care Community, and other programs or schedule a tour, please contact: Beth Zarate, Center Director, at 281.202.6240 or email You can also reach Beth on her cell phone at 832-768-4320.

Mamie George Community Center, 1111 Collins Road, Richmond, Texas

Main Number – 281.202.6200

FAX - 281.202.6299

Partnerships & Collaborations - 281.202.6240

Donations - 281.202.6220

Volunteer Opportunities - 281.202.6222 or check our list of volunteer opportunities


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