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Catholic Charities offers a continuum of support and counseling services to birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. 

Pregnancy Counseling and Birth Parent Services

Help for expectant mothers in exploring options of adoption and parenting. Orange_arrow_link_button

Infant Adoption

Help for those seeking to adopt a baby.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Waiting Children Adoption

Help for those seeking to adopt children of any age. Often these children have been placed under Children’s Protective Services custody and have been waiting years for their forever families. Orange_arrow_link_button

Kinship Services and Adoption

Assistance for those who have taken over the care of child relatives whom Children’s Protective Services has removed from the home due to abuse or neglect. Orange_arrow_link_button

Post Adoption

Counseling and search services to address the post adoption issues of adoptive children and adults. Orange_arrow_link_button

To read more about all the programs and services we offer to meet the needs of our communities, click here to read or download our services brochure.

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