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Catholic Charities provides a comprehensive network of social services for all families aimed at promoting and facilitating self-sufficiency that empower people and communities to grow and thrive.


Basic Needs

Providing basic needs for individuals working toward self-sufficiency.  Orange_arrow_link_button


Mental health services, therapy or counseling.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Disaster Recovery

Help to recover from the aftermath of natural disasters.  Orange_arrow_link_button

AIDS Ministry

Compassionate support for those living with HIV/AIDS.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Immigration Legal Services

Help with immigration legal services.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Affordable Home Ownership Initiative

Creating home ownership opportunities for low to moderate-income families.  Orange_arrow_link_button

The Villa

Transitional housing helping women and their children escape from domestic violence.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Refugee Resettlement

Assisting refugees become self-sufficient through acquiring essential skills.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Veterans Assistance Program

Providing hope, basic needs and guidance for those who have served our country.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Adoption Services

Help with adopting a child or placing my child for adoption.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Pregnancy Services

Assisting young parents and their families during pregnancy through the baby’s first year of life.  Orange_arrow_link_button

Foster Care

Helping children in crisis situations have a loving, stable home.  Orange_arrow_link_button

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